Ordering Guide

Things To Consider When Ordering One Of Our Gifts

Firstly decide who the gift is for i.e. baby shower, mummy to be or pamper gift. How well do you know them? What are their favourite things? If you have all this information the ordering process couldn’t be easier.

Nappy Cakes

Pampers or Huggies

Size of Nappies
New Baby, Size 1,2,3

Pink, Blue, Neutral pastels or Neutral Brights

You may decide on a large budget with lots of clothes to be added, but this may only make it a 2 tier or you may decide on a smaller budget with all the decorations on the outside and this may enable a 3 or 4 tier cake.  Budget does not determine size, it determines the quality of the items within the cake.

Pamper Cakes

Colour of Towels

Basket or Cake

Favourite smellies, chocolates, wine,

Personalised items to be added:
Compact Mirrors, Mugs, Flip Flops, Dressing Gowns

Wedding Gifts

Colour of Towels

Colour of wedding theme

Champagne and glasses

Candles and confetti

All the items on our page have been made for customers who have all had input into what they would like and what makes the gift perfect for them so don’t be afraid to e-mail us regarding any special requests you have. We always work with the impossible, Miracles can take a couple of days extra.

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